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Maserati Windshield Replacement  – Done Right

We have handled Maserati windshield replacement services at A & E Auto Glass for more than 17 years. We have replaced 100’s of Maserati windshields with fantastic results. We are proud of our A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, and of our 4.5 star rating on Yelp, and 4 star rating on Google. If you need to schedule a windshield replacement for your Maserati, give us a call today at (480) 228-5390.


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Call To Schedule Your Maserati Windshield Replacement

How to Schedule Your Maserati Windshield Replacement

Scheduling your windshield replacement for your Maserati generally takes between 5-15 minutes. Once we’ve got you on the phone, we start a 3 way call with your insurance company to assist you in filing an auto glass only claim. Once we have verified coverage with your insurance and have a claim/referral number, we get you on our scehdule. We schedule both in shop and mobile windshield replacement, and will only allow the most quality technicians to work on your luxury car.

Maserati Windshield Replacement – Quality You Can Trust

The windshield parts that we use on your Maserati are OEM Quality, that are certified for usability and durability. Every windshield that we install is brand new, right from the factory. We purchase the correct windshield for your vehicle using an advanced V.I.N. decoder, so that we get the best windshield for your vehicle. Check out our Coupon page for some $$$ back!

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Maserati Windshield Replacement Scheduling Made Easy

Maserati Windshield Replacement – The Process

Maserati Windshield Replacement – The Claim

In order to replace the windshield in your Maserati, we need to have set up an insurance claim, or given you a cash price, and scheduled an appointment. Once those things are done, you can either come in shop, or we can go mobile to you to do the work.

Maserati Windshield Replacement – The Removal

Before we get started on any work, we note any damage or imperfections with the vehicle, so that we make sure we leave the car as good as we found it. That being said, since you are driving a Maserati, it will most likely be beautiful and spotless, so we will leave it that way. 🙂 After we are finished inspecting the vehicle, we begin by removing the windshield wipers and then the cowl, the plastic piece generally partially covered by the hood of the vehicle. After the wipers and cowl are off, we remove any side mouldings as necessary, and begin the cut-out of the windshield. Cutting out a windshield is extremely dangerous, and should only be done by certified techniciansAfter the windshield is cut out, the inside edge of the opening, call a pinch weld, is then stripped of any excess urethane, and cleaned. After the pinch weld is cleaned, we get the new windshield prepped for the install.

Maserati Windshield Replacement – The Installation

When we prepare the new windshield for installation, we take a very close look at every part of the windshield, making sure that there are no imperfections, and no defects from the factory. After the windshield has passed visual inspection, we clean the inside of the windshield, and remove any stickers and labels from the outside ot the windshield. Once the glass is clean, we apply any on-glass mouldings as needed, and give the windshield one final wipedown.

Now that the windshield is clean, we are ready to apply new urethane to the newly cleaned pinch weld of the vehicle. This part must be done carefully as fresh urethane is very messy. We take care to make sure that the hieght and thickness of the bead of urethane is proper for the vehicle that is receiving the windshield, as certain vehicles require more or less urethane. Immediately after the urethane has been placed, you use a “bone” to connect the beads together, making sure to create a perfect seal, so that no water or air will  be able to leak through.

Once the adhesive is ready, you attach suction cups to the outside of the new windshield, and carefully place the new windshield on the fresh glue. After it is placed, we pat firmly around the windshield so that the bead is properly bonded to the frit band. Tape is then applied to the windshield to hold the windshield in place so that the weight of the windshield does not alter the postition of the windshield on the vehicle.

Maserati Windshield Replacement – The Drive Away

Finally, we reinstall the side mouldings, cowl, and windshield wipers. Your vehicle is safe to drive right away, and has what is referred to as a “2 hour roll away time” which is the amount of time it takes before the widnsheild could be in an accident and serve the purpose that it was designed for. Leave the tape on for 2 days, and don’t take it to a commercial car wash for a week, and if possible, leave the windows rolled down 1/2 inch for a couple days.

That’s it! If you need to schedule a windshield replacement on your beautiful Maserati, give us a call right away! (480) 228-5390

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